Pursuit Race #1/Try Racing Your Sailboat!
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Pursuit Race #1/Try Racing Your Sailboat!
Friday, June 15, 2018

If you have ever thought ‘I would like try racing my sailboat but it all seems too complicated,’ then today is a chance to give it a try with a very simple around the buoy race. And it is free!
All you need to do is register for the race to get a start time. To do the online registration go to regattaman.com and click on the ‘Calendar’ tab to scroll down to June 15 & the EYC Pursuit Race.
By clicking on the ‘Info’ block on the right you will see choices such as “View Current Race Entries” and “Register On Line.” There you can do the sign-up.
If you do not have a PHRF rating just leave it blank & we will assign one to you. Please check box for JAM (jib & main) since spinnakers will not be used.
Here is how the race works – At your start time (or any time after) pass between the EYC boat with an orange flag and a nearby green tetrahedron.
Go around the indicated buoys and finish the same way you started. Slower boats will start first.
The winner will be the first boat to finish then 2nd, 3rd, etc. will follow in order.
After putting the boats away, we all gather in the Barker Clubroom to enjoy socializing and some food (complementary/FREE) and beverages at the chit or cash bar.
What a great way to spend a Friday night.
If you have any questions about this fun event, please email or call Jack Cochrane: jack@caiboston.com 617-678-4174.