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Which of Eastern's IOD skippers went on to become a very successful yachting professional?
Ted Hood started making sails from miraculous man-made fibers in 1950. When he began his sail making enterprise, every yachtsman's lawn and home were festooned with drying cotton sails. What a boon was the invention of orlon and dacron which Hood used to weave his new sails, one yacht owning customer describes the sails as causing his yacht to glide through his fleet as though he had an engine. Hood went on to expand his business and eventually designed many yachts, including "Robin," pictured below,which won the Bermuda Race in 1968. He was the captain of the America's Cup "Courageous," and also designed and skippered the 12 meter, "Nefertiti." In the 1980s Hood moved with his business to Newport and was very much missed in Marblehead. He died in 2013