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Did you know that ferry boats once plied the waters of Marblehead Harbor?
Ferries criss-crossed the harbor from the 1800's. The first were dories, rowed by retired Grand Banks fishermen, later in the 1800's, sailing ferries were in use. The best remembered ferries were steam and then gasoline engine powered, they were "Blonde", "Brunette", "Delta" and "Kelpie, (which was the noontime ferry taking employees to the Eastern and Corinthian.) These ferries were based at a series of wharves situated approximately where the Harbormasters Dock is presently, (between Crocker Park and State Street) on the Town side of the harbor. Stops included Collier's Cove, (at the end of Peabody Avenue, once known as Ferry Lane) the stone pier at the Eastern Yacht Club and later the Corinthian. Mail was delivered, by one of the Tucker Brothers, to the Neck Post Office, in those bygone days.

"Blonde" pictured at Collier's Cove. When she was retired from service, she was towed up State Street to Mrs. Ariel Hall's backyard, where she became a Tea House