For more than 125 years, the Eastern Yacht Club has defined excellence in sailing.  The home club of some of the finest one-design and big boat sailors in North America, the Eastern Yacht Club is the training ground for the next generation of American Sailing stars.  In 1994 the Club received the coveted St. Petersburg Trophy, awarded for the Race Committee's outstanding management of the Star North Americans. In 2011 the Club was named Yacht Club of the Year by Mass Bay Sailing for race management on national and local events including the J105 North American Championship, the Etchells North Americans, and the IOD Worlds.

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      Alan McKinnon Susie Schneider IMG_6349.JPG
      Alan McKinnon, Susie Schneider

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    • Laser Series - October 2, 2017

      Harbor Challenge - August 4, 2016

      Harbor Challenge - 2,3,6 v 1,4,5, August 4, 2016

      Harbor Challenge - Red Play 1, August 4, 2016

      Harbor Challenge - Blue 1,2,3, August 4, 2016

      Harbor Challenge - Red vs Blue, August 4, 2016

      Marblehead Race Week - July 28, 2016

      Marblehead Junior Race Week Launch Time

      Harbor Challenge - July 13, 2016

      Stars Day 1

      Stars Day 2

      Stars Day 3

      Laser Race Night - Race 3

      Laser Race Night - Race 2

      Laser Race Night - Race 1 

      Laser Race Night

      Laser Race Night

      J/70 & Rhodes 19 Start


Sailing COMMITTEE 2018

Peter O. Frisch, Chair
Click here for a list of the sub-committees and chairs

Martha S. Altreuter   William H. Lynn
Patrick W. Andreasen Alan L. McKinnon, Jr.
Alexander A. Arnold, IV Francis J. McNamara
D. Ward Blodgett, Jr. Lisa J. McNamara
John L. Boyle
Douglas A. Morgan
Henry G. Brauer Deborah R. Noble
Gretchen H. Curtis
Charles K. Pendleton
Hillyard R. Danforth Spencer R. Powers
John C. Doub Alden C. Reid
Laurence W. Ehrhardt J. Tobias Reiley
Nancy J. Glover   Christopher A. Remeika
Johan D. Goedkoop    Api A. Rudich
Robert D. Gorman   Susan O. Schneider
Ramsay P. Hoguet   Drusilla S. Slattery
Matthew L. Hooks   Judson A.F. Smith
Tomas Hornos   Philip J. Smith
James J. Hourihan, III   Todd Sparling
Alix S. Israel   Laurence I. Talbot
Alexia Kearney   John V. Thompson
Sinan Kunt   G. Eric Thornton
Robert F. Lakin   William H. Walters, Jr.