Program Descriptions


(Tue & Thu 9:00-12:00)
Goals: Get comfortable on the water, and excited about learning to sail in Marblehead harbor! This class is designed to provide a safe, encouraging, and exciting introduction to junior sailing for EYC's youngest sailors. Sailors will enjoy various water sport activities, including kayaking, SUP, sculling races and more! While teaching basic skills through games, scavenger hunts and other adventures, this class will help foster enthusiasm for further sailing and comfort on the water. Prerequisites: Designed for ages 4-6, generally having completed Kindergarten. No previous sailing experience is necessary.


(Tue & Thu 9:00-12:00)

Goals: Gain comfort and confidence on the water, gain familiarity with basic boat handling and points of sail, and have fun enjoying sailing in Marblehead harbor!
Intro is designed to provide a broad introduction to dinghy and keelboat sailing. The curriculum focuses on basic boat handling and sailing terms, including safety rules and weather/wind observation. Children will sail in both Sonars and Optimists (2 to an Opti). The Optimists allow sailors to have more independence and control than solely sailing Sonars in the Sloops class. While teaching basic skills, this class will help foster enthusiasm for further sailing adventures.
Prerequisites: Designed for children ages 7 & older, generally having completed 1st grade. No previous sailing experience is necessary. EYC boats (Sonars and Optis) are provided.

OPTI 1 (Ages 8+)
(Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu 9:00-12:00)

Goals: To build confidence through fun sailing activities, and to be comfortable single-handing an Opti by the end of session. To understand points of sail and basic boat handling. To enjoy their first dinghy sailing experience. 
This introductory class is designed to teach children basic boat-handling skills including tacking, jibing, safely docking, and rigging an Opti. This class will principally be taught with 2 sailors to a boat. All sailors will have an equal opportunity to helm the boat.
Prerequisites: Designed for 8+ year old children with no dinghy sailing experience, although some confidence on the water is an asset. Opti 1 is the last class that has a major double-handed component.

OPTI 2 (Prerequisite Opti 1)
(Mon, Tues, Wed, Thu 1:00-4:00)

Goals: To be proficient and confident single handling an Opti. Mastery of points of sail and comfort with basic boat handling. 
This class is designed for beginning single-handed Opti sailors. Sailors will continue to develop boat handling skills while learning about safety and taking care of their equipment. This class will do some double-handed sailing early on and in windy conditions. Single handed sailing will be emphasized as the sailors become more comfortable. 
Prerequisites: Designed for children having completed 2nd grade, with Intro to Sailing, Opti 1, or other basic Opti exposure. Opti 3 and Pleon require confidence single-handing Optis.

OPTI 3 (Prerequisite Opti 2)
(Mon, Tues, Wed, Thu 1:00-4:00)

Goals: To nail boat handling maneuvers, gain a basic understanding of how to get around a race course, and gain independence in rigging, sailing, racing, and sailing preparation.
This all single-handed class is designed for sailors who have become proficient in basic Opti sailing and want to fine-tune their boat-handling skills while learning some basic racing techniques. This class will venture outside the harbor. Participants in this class are encouraged to participate in Marblehead Junior Race Week (, see details on our race week program below).
Prerequisites: Designed for children having completed 3rd grade, with Opti 2 or equivalent. Complete confidence sailing single-handedly is a must.  

Friday Fun Sail is a great way to end your sailor’s week. Every Friday afternoon from 1:00 - 4:00 PM the instructors take a group of up to 20 sailors to different seaside locations via motorboat. Favorites include Misery Island, Brown’s Island, and Sand Dollar Cove. We will be running this again as a first-come-first-serve weekly sign up at the Junior Sailing Hut. Sailors from any session can participate in any Friday Fun Sail. Each Friday Fun Sail costs $15, charged to your EYC account.

This is a special “high touch” coaching program for our children participating in the Opti Green fleet at Marblehead Junior Race Week (a 3-day regatta). Race Week prep, assistance with rigging, launching and on the water coaching & support is included all day, for all three days. Prerequisites: Opti 3 and Staff recommended. There may not be any club boats available for use in MJRW because all classes will continue to run.*

* Please note: If using a private Opti, the Opti must be available all day for all three days. If it is a boat that is shared with someone in another EYC sailing class arrangements must be made.