Sonar Charters

The EYC Sonar Charter program offers members access to the Club-owned Sonar sail boats without the expense of ownership.

Designed by renowned naval architect Bruce Kirby, the Sonar affords those who sail it the ability to line up against the world's best competition on one day, meander around the harbor with friends or family on the next, and also stand firm in lumpy water. 
If you are interested in chartering, please contact Sailing Director Tara Foster at [email protected]

  • Registration
  • Policies and Rules
    • General Charter Information

      1. Operations
      Season: Sonars will be available to charter from June 11 through Labor Day, weather permitting. Members are urged not to charter when winds are 15 knots or above.  The Sailing Office or Waterfront Office may suspend charters due to weather at their discretion.

      Hours of Operation: Boats are available six days per week from 9am through 7pm.  Sonar Charters are closed on Mondays.

      Reservations: Call the Front Desk (781)631-1400 for all reservations.

      Fees:  The Charter Fee is $45 for 3 hours of sailing.  Members who charter six times in one season will receive a "season's pass" and will not be charged for subsequent charters after their sixth charter.  

      Eligibility: Any EYC member and spouse (not child of member) may reserve and sign out a boat provided that the person has been approved by the Sailing Office and has signed a waiver for the season.

      You must cancel at least 2 hours prior to your charter time. A $25 fee will be charged to your account if you fail to notify the front desk of your cancellation. Alternates on the wait list will then be allowed to sign-up for that time slot.

      2. The Boats
      Basic Equipment: Each boat will have a mainsail, jib, and the necessary sheets.

      Standard Equipment: 4 Coast Guard approved lifejackets, compass, chart, anchor and anchor line, floatation cushion, paddle, fenders, docking lines.

      Radio: Each boat must have a working VHF radio (available at Front Desk) aboard when being chartered.

      3. Check out Procedures
      New charterers must be "checked out" Sailing Office prior to their first unescorted sail to ensure the safety of our members and boats. Charters from previous seasons need not be re-check out.
      Checkout includes:

      • Review of basic rules of the road
      • Basic radio usage
      • Basic chart reading; location of rocks and other hazards as well as safety tips for navigating through the harbor.
      • Basic sonar rigging and de-rigging procedures
      • Cast off and landing from mooring
      • Maneuvering through crowded Marblehead Harbor
      To schedule a check out, call Sailing Director, Tara Foster at (941) 587-7283 or by e-mail at

      4. Insurance
      Every person chartering will be required to sign a legal waiver, a statement of swimming ability, and a statement taking responsibility for the insurance deductible in case of serious damage. There must be a new, signed waiver file on each season before a boat can be chartered by a member. The Eastern Yacht Club member whose name is on the Charter Reservation will be held responsible and liable for any serious damages.

      5. Registration
      Registration and waiver forms are available online or at the Front Desk

      6. Registration
      Call Sailing Director, Tara Foster at (941) 587-7283 or by e-mail at [email protected]

  • Procedures
    • Charter members will be responsible for proper care of the boats. Thank you in advance for treating them like your own.

      Before Sailing/Sign Out:

      • At the Front Desk: Sign-out a boat and a VHF radio.  You must sign out the boat at the Front Desk even if you are using your own radio.

      • Confirm the name of the boat you have reserved.  Make sure the launch takes you to this boat!

      • Life Jackets: All children under age 12 must wear their own Coast Guard approved life jacket while on board EYC Sonars.  It is highly recommended that all sailors, including adults, wear [their own] Coast Guard approved life jackets at all times while on board EYC Sonars.  The Coast Guard requires at least one approved life jacket for every person on board each boat.  4 Coast Guard approved adult life jackets are aboard each boat. 

      • Capacity: There must be at least 1 and not more than 6 adults on a boat.  With children under the age of 12 there must be at least 2 adults on board.

      • Wind: Members are urged not to take boats in breezes 15 knots or higher.  The Sailing Office and Waterfront Office may suspend charters at any time due to weather. 

      Leave boat shipshape:

      • The boat is properly secured to the mooring.

      • Mainsail and jib are rolled, bagged, and stored below.

      • Tiller is secured with backstay control line.

      • Lines are coiled and stowed properly.

      • Trash is removed and extra water bailed.

      After Sailing/Sign In:

      • After each charter, report to the Front Desk to sign back in and return your VHF radio. Your signature is the only proof we have, that you, the charter member, have returned safe and sound.

      • Please log any maintenance issues along with a phone number so we can follow up.

      • Failure to return the radio immediately after the charter may result in suspension of charter privileges. 

      Enjoy the Summer!​